The Inner Working of a subscription box service

The Inner Working of a subscription box service. Gems everywhere. Almost couldn’t refrain to copy and paste everything here

About competition: “the market is oversaturated”, but you often find it is saturated with a LOT of bad players, and they’re making a LOT of money despite being so bad.** This is the perfect situation.

About Idea: Ideas hold little intrinsic value without execution. However, you can start to extract value when you get feedback on it, massaging it, push and poke it, and really run it through the wringer.
About passion: Quite often the least sexy industries are where the big money is being made. So while most of the brainpower is busy chasing sexy mobile apps and such, you can make bank by selling ugly widgets or providing basic services.
About starting small: You don’t get good at running marathons by reading about running marathons. And you don’t get good at business by reading about business. You get good by doing. And doing it over and over again. But just like you wouldn’t expect to win the first marathon you entered, why put so much pressure on yourself to win at the first company you start? Or worse yet, paralyze yourself with fear into never running at all because you’re afraid you won’t win?

The best of all, “At some point we have to just say ‘Fuck It’ and get to work!

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