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A year later…

I sort of giving up my own design, for now. I find myself tinkering with the layout and design more than actually writing something here, and that really tell if you look at the last post on the blog, almost a year ago.

I lost count of the time I start and stop my learning of Ruby on Rails, and so this time, I just force myself to start a small project in the company. No more creating fictional project, but this is real application that gonna be used by real people. What motivate you more than working on a real Rails project, huh?

Nothing too complicated though, just a tool for user to punch in some data and get an auto generated partnumber according to certain criterias. But I guess is a good starting point.

There might be another more interesting project that involved graph and some graphic manipulation which could branch out my Rails learning, but let’s complete one thing at a time.

By kahfei

A system admin by day while secretly trying to transform myself to a coding designer or a designing coder at night.

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