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Testing in Sublime

Following railstutorial again, to strengthen my rails basic and pick up new shiny things in rails 4.

Getting sublime to run test directly is quite awesome, I mean you just need to highlight part of the test you wish to run, cmd + shift + R, boom you got your test result, all without needing to leave the comfort of sublime. Sweet.

On the next day though, suddenly it refuse to run, complaining

/bin/sh: rspec: command not found

Stackoverflow answer here go for this one. But a simpler solution below work for me, just go to ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/RubyTest/RubyTest.sublime-settings file and set configuration option “check_for_rvm” to true and you have your mojo back.


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4 replies on “Testing in Sublime”

RubyTest is not working very well on my linux mint. I bet you are working on Mac?

Btw, are you working on any open source?

Hey, Thanks for dropping by.
Yupe, working on Mac. I have Ubuntu running but haven’t actually using it since getting my hand on a Mac.
Hmmm… not really working on any open source project at the moment, you have any interesting project? 🙂

Just working on my ‘scratch-your-own-itch’ project.

1. I’m currently on Michael Hartl tutorial and Agile Wen Dev with Rails $ (Pragmatic Programmer).

2. I’m really new in RoR stuff. But i find it very interesting and promising.

What advice you would give to a total newbie like me?

Sorry for really late reply.
Well, I have been thru Michael Hartl tutorial(now picking it up for the second time) and AWDWR as well.
While I am not really new to RoR, I couldn’t say that I am advanced. I guess I am somewhere between beginner and intermediate :-). Not sure I qualified to give advice even, haha.

The thing is I have been dabbled with RoR for quite a few years, but mostly creating personal projects, or small projects for my current job. Not really public facing, and often creating it alone. So no real deadline, development method, testing etc. Only started to get some freelance jobs since last year, and that totally open up my eyes, there is no compare with working on your own project. With real deadline, real pressure, you pick up things so much faster. Things that might have taken like months to learn on your own pace, you somehow have to produce it in a few days.

So I would say if ever possible, find fulltime job or freelance job that require you to do it, contribute to an open source project(a shame that I haven’t really contribute to) would be a great alternative also. Learning by doing, that is the best way to go. 🙂

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